Cloud Vapor Trail: Cid’s Smoke Signals in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Cloud Vapor Trail: Cid's Smoke Signals in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Big news on the horizon for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – it seems our favorite sky-high pilot, Cid Highwind, might be ditching his trusty ciggie! Yep, that’s right, no more clouds of smoke surrounding our gruff buddy. Let’s dive into the deets and see what this potential game-changer is all about.

Smoke Vanished in Final Fantasy 7: Cid’s Cig Mystery!

So, if you’ve been catching the Rebirth trailers, you might have noticed something missing – Cid’s cigarette! The iconic goggles usually rocking a strap from a cig pack are bare. Now, you might think, “What’s the big deal?” But trust me, it’s got the Final Fantasy fanbase buzzing. Some say it’s just a small tweak, while others are getting into deep discussions about what it means for Cid and the gaming world.

Evidence Check: Where’s the Proof?

The smoking saga started when sharp-eyed fans noticed the absence of Cid’s trademark Marlboro in the Rebirth previews. Those goggles, once wrapped in ciggie glory, now stand alone. Seems minor, but this tiny detail has sparked debates galore. Is it a cool KLIK88SLOT character update, or does it point to bigger changes in how games show smoking?

Artistic Freedom or Peer Pressure?

People in the “thumbs up” camp say it’s just a natural switch-up for Final Fantasy 7 Cid and fits the darker, more intense vibe of Rebirth. They argue that showing Cid puffing away might feel out of place now, and there’s also the worry about influencing younger players to pick up the habit.

On the other side, diehard fans are waving their “thumbs down” signs. They’re all about Cid’s cig being a vital part of who he is. That cig hanging from his lips was like his sidekick, showing off his toughness and rebel spirit. Taking it away, they say, could turn our favorite pilot into just another character.

Beyond Cigarettes: Big Talks Ahead

This ciggie saga with Cid is opening up a whole new conversation about smoking in video games and Final Fantasy 7. Should game creators change stuff to fit new vibes, or is it too much to ask? Can characters still be cool without their trademark habits? Finding the balance between cool game stuff and being responsible is tricky, and the Rebirth creators are diving headfirst into the challenge.

Final Fantasy Growing Up: Changing With the Times

If you know Final Fantasy, you know it’s all about evolving. The series has a history of keeping up with the times, whether it’s breaking gender norms or bringing in diverse characters. Cid’s cig disappearing act could be another move in this ongoing journey.

Smoke Signals or False Alarm: What’s the Verdict?

Now, don’t go crying over spilled smoke just yet. Square Enix hasn’t officially spilled the beans on Cid’s ciggie status. We’re left in suspense, wondering if he’ll occasionally light up or if his Marlboro days are truly done.

No matter how it turns out, one thing is for sure: Cid’s ride in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is gonna be a wild one. So, whether you’re mourning the missing smoke rings or embracing Cid’s new vibe, get ready to soar high on the Highwind because Cloud’s adventure is still full of surprises!