Taking Down Jawhead: 3 Heroes to Beat the Mobile Legends Tank

Taking Down Jawhead: 3 Heroes to Beat the Mobile Legends Tank

When it comes to Mobile Legends, Jawhead is a powerful tank hero who causes chaos and problems in competitions. Jawhead is one of the most famous tank heroes. He is known for being tough and being able to keep the crowd under control. He is often sent to the enemy jungle to cause chaos.

Ejector, Jawhead’s second skill, can change the way the game is played. For opponents, it causes lag, which messes up their buffs. Jawhead’s disruptive tools are more complicated now that he can reset buffs with a well-timed throw.

Jawhead is a strong tank, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be beat. These three heroes can fight Jawhead well if you have to:

  1. Aldous – The Hammer Guy

Aldous isn’t just a guy with a big hammer; he’s a solid counter. Aldous can absorb enemy damage with his skill, Contract: Soul Steal, and then deliver a powerful punch in return. This makes Aldous a sturdy hero against Jawhead’s attacks.

How to Counter Jawhead with Aldous:

  • Use Contract: Soul Steal to absorb Jawhead’s attacks.
  • Time your punches well to deal maximum damage.
  • Take advantage of Aldous’s mobility to dodge Jawhead’s abilities.
  1. Kaja – The Master of Control

Kaja’s strategic skills and ability to control the battlefield make him a strong contender against Jawhead. His skill, Divine Judgment, allows Kaja to target Jawhead and temporarily remove him from the fight, giving your team a crucial advantage.

How to Counter Jawhead with Kaja:

  • Use Divine Judgment to isolate Jawhead from the battle.
  • Coordinate with your team to focus on eliminating Jawhead during his disabled state.
  • Make use of Kaja’s crowd control abilities to disrupt Jawhead’s movements.
  1. Khaleed – The Desert Warrior

Khaleed’s agility and consistent damage output make him a powerful force. With his ability, Desert Tornado, Khaleed can regenerate health during skirmishes, allowing him to withstand Jawhead’s attacks and wear him down gradually.

How to Counter Jawhead with Khaleed:

  • Use Desert Tornado to regenerate health during fights.
  • Capitalize on Khaleed’s mobility to dodge Jawhead’s skill shots.
  • Apply sustained damage to chip away at Jawhead’s health over time.

How to Be Successful When Facing Jawhead

Even though these heroes have special skills that can help you win, it’s still important to play strategically. If you’re going up against this powerful tank, remember these general tips:

Work with your team; talking to each other is very important. Tell your team what your SLOTJARWO plan is, and work together to hit as hard as possible.

It’s important to choose things that make your hero stronger and help them deal more damage. Blade of Despair and Antique Cuirass are two items that can help you fight enemy.

Map Awareness: Keep an eye on where Jawhead is marked on the map. Guess where he’ll go and act accordingly to avoid strikes that catch you off guard.

“Bait and Punish” and “Jawhead” both have cooldowns. Use his skills as bait, then use the time between them to your advantage to launch your own deadly attacks.

Objective Control: To get a strategic edge, put targets like turrets and buffs at the top of your list. If you control the map, you can limit Jawhead’s choices and give your team chances.

To sum up: Taking Down Jawhead the Titan

In Mobile Legends, Jawhead is a tough tank, but you can beat him if you use the right heroes and plan your moves well. Aldous, Kaja, and Khaleed each have special skills that can be used against Jawhead’s strengths and open up chances to win. So, get your friends together, pick a good hero, and get ready to beat Jawhead in Mobile Legends!